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bolt_parents's Journal

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This is the LJ community for the members of the parenting/pregnancy boards of Bolt. It serves as more of a directory of where those from Bolt can be found on LJ, by providing an up-to-date list in the memories section.

I noticed a lot of the girls posted repeatedly trying to find everyone's LJ name, so I figured I'd start this place so we could all be listed together.

As some people have different Bolt & LJ names, I have listed everyone's introduction posts in the memories section with both LJ & Bolt names. If you're trying to find someone, try the memories first.

There really are no rules, except that you must use the Bolt boards & introduce yourself when you first join here using the following survey:

1. Bolt Name:
2. Real Name:
3. Age:
4. Location:
5. Kid(s) Names and Ages and/or EDD:
6. How You Heard About This Community:

If you don't know how to do that, you'll find instructions here.